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:The Unicorn : GeorgeIonnidis
The Dilemma of Eve

For George of Thessaloniki , The Unicorn depicts the soul , in the Greek sense,  as a feminine aspect. With the ambient, new age-classical  pieces in this collection, Mr. Ionnidis objective is for us to accompany  ' her ' ,  on a trip from the Unconscious to Conscious Love. The Gardens of Eden
Infinitely, Disinterestedly, and Boundlessly
Heroic Resurrection
The Otherside Bank
Moving Earth and Skies  [ 11 : 34 !! ]
We are seeking further process of production for the seventeen  [ 17 ]  tracks mastered by Dimitri Adam and the lovely accompanying  story booklet  designed by Anna Iannadou,  entitled ' The Real Shape of The End ' ,  detailing the entrance to paradise  via  horse. 
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