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 Master Musicians of Jajouka  
Originally brought to the attention of the European rock world by Rolling Stone Brian Jones, Jajouka is a folk music native to Northern Morocco. Consisting of elaborate dance and ritual, focused around local mythology, this eighteen piece band exemplifies a style that has a place in tradition and the modern world. Their more recent contributions to media include the sound tracks for the films " Sheltering Sky " and " The Naked Lunch ". They are also featured on "Continental Drift " a track off the The Rolling Stones " Steel Wheels" release.
Jajouka leader Bachir Attar has recently completed a tour of Europe where he performed with reknowned saxaphonist Ornette Coleman.

    We are currently seeking an agency to arrange a European and Japanese tours for Mr. Attar, as well as a festival for the Jajouka troupe. Please contact us by email or in writing ( see address below ).

Services Provided by Lion-Auriga Music Publishing include:
Consulting and assisting in the arranging of the Woodstock performance where primary members of the group performed with Peter Gabriel. Reviews and advertising in " The Stones " ( division of Gimme Shelter catalogue) and " Tumbling Dice ", British fanzine , & " Poor Jones' Almanac " ,USA.
Album Information
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The Troupe
Apocalypse Cover
Apocalypse Across the Sky
Produced by Bill Laswell
Recorded in the Rif mountains, Morocco
Mixed at the Hit Factory, NYC.
Bujloudia Dancing With Aisha Qandisha
The Next Dream
The Next Dream
Mr. Attar plays a variety of exotic instruments
on this release including the 
Ghaita, Gimbri, and Lira.
Ceremony Against The Night Of The Devil
Full Moon At The Window

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